Companion Animal Clinic is an extension of my family! I could not be more impressed with their service, sense of urgency, contact with my animals and how they run their business. I frequently refer my friends to them, stating that there is no one better around! They have treated my new puppy to my dog, who had cancer and had to be put to sleep. They know what it do and do it well. I never have to wonder what I should do. I am confident that they are giving the best treatment offered. They give me options and are reasonably priced. The staff, from the Vet to the support staff knows me and my dogs and treat them like they are their own. They get on the animals eye level and they ask questions and give me real answers. They will go above and beyond to make the family happy. Words cannot express what Companion Animal Clinic has done for me...piece of mind and a whole lot more! I have very happy dogs and that makes me feel VERY happy!


I have been taking my dogs to Dr Norman Smith for over 20 years and would never have any other vet take care of my dogs. We have been threw 11 puppies with parvo and only 1 died!! I have been threw putting my favorite dog in the world down because of cancer and age, might I add Norman made it possible for all 6 of my kids and family to be there making it comfortable for us all. He has given me advice about cheaper or home remedies that helped financially. Dr Smith is the best vet, with his caring personality and our history I would say anyone that is looking for a good vet should come to this Clinic.


If you want to have a staff and doctors who genuinely care about your animal this is where I would tell you to go. I have been coming to Doc Smith for 5 1/2 years now. He and his wonderful vet techs have treated my horse, my goats, my cats and my dogs. All of my animals are beloved and cherished in our home so we want a DVM who treats them accordingly. I also would have to give the front desk staff a five star rating. These gals have been nothing but professional and caring. As you can tell, I really like Doc Smith and his wonderful staff.


I can't say enough good words about the skilled kind people at Animal Clinic Companion. I've been taking my dog Stella to them for a few years. They have always shown me and my pet respect and professionalism. Recently, when Stella needed to have a small tumor removed, they handled the job with excellence. The bill even came out less expensive than the original estimate, unheard of these days. They also worked with me to set up a fund to help pay for the surgery. I give them a tip-top rating.


I can't thank you enough for all you have done for the Morongo Basin Animal Shelter! We are thrilled to be a beneficiary of your wonderful pet fair. You put in an amazing amount of time, effort and money to make it a great success, and we are so grateful that you would do so much for us and all the critters who need help. You're the best!

Mimi Mitz

Dear Dr. Smith “THANK YOU” isn't enough for all the injuries you've healed, mistakes you've fixed, and time you make when there is none left in the day. Yet, you show up with a happy attitude, a good joke and you never complain about the wind chill, our stupidity…our "good intentions." We are so very fortunate to have you as our veterinarian! Most Sincerely Yours,

Claudia and Del Beaudoin
Buster, Chester, Sinah & Molly

My name is Nancy Sammons, I am an animal lover and have lots of them. When I first started going to Dr. Norm Smith in the late 90's I only had a few cats and two Cocker Spaniels. Dr. Norm took fantastic care of both my dogs and cats for many years. In 2000 I brought to my property two horses. This was my first experience owning horses. Dr. Smith helped me in so many ways to be a more responsible horse owner. Since I didn't have a horse trailer, he did the ranch calls for me and took care of any and all of their needs, as well as checking my dogs and cats at the same time.

During the years, I have called many times with an emergency and somehow, even though Dr. Smith was very busy, they were always able to get me in to see him. In 2005 and again in 2007, Dr. Smith was the one that helped me and supported me in sending my dogs to heaven in a very kind and peaceful way.

He is the most compassionate veterinarian I have ever known and I have been to many in my 64 years. Since my Cocker Spaniels passed away I have adopted three rescue dogs which Dr. Smith has been involved with. Dr. Smith has always spent the necessary time in answering my many questions and explaining and treating my animals. His whole staff is dedicated, responsible, kind and remarkable in my book. I only wish we had more than one Dr. Smith up in the Yucca Valley area.

Nancy Sammons
Yucca Valley, CA

Dear Dr. Smith, I can't praise you enough for your devotion to animal care, especially my animals. As you know I not only have several animals of my own, I also foster for Sounds of Silent Spirits Animal Rescue, located in Lucerne Valley.

Although I have only been in Yucca Valley for a little over two years, we have seen you a great deal. I appreciate all that you did for the Pug family that came our way a year and a half ago, as well as our beloved and now passed on pets; the regular care of our rescue horse and her pygmy goat companions, as well as our cats and dogs. Your staff, especially Linda and Amie have been exceptional to me through the mundane and tragic concerning various animals I have brought to Companion Animal Clinic. I think the world of them.

And the hiring on of Dr. Seoud was an outstanding move. I think as highly of him as I do you. His manner is wonderful. He is always so concerned and interested in treating my pets to the best of his capabilities. And his capabilities are outstanding. I really like that you have hired a DVM such as Dr. Seoud, who is well trained in holistic, in acupuncture and in chiropractic. I have made great use of his expertise.

We at Sounds of Silent Spirits, look forward in participating in this year's Pioneer Pet Fair. Thank you for the invitation. Sincerely,

Melissa Ann Bacall

Over the last decade, Dr. Norm Smith and the staff at Companion Animal Clinic has cared for our family of creatures including three dogs and four mules. The superlative care given to new creatures added to our brood, as well as the comfort bestowed when we have had to say goodbye to any of our furry friends has been extraordinary. The level of care and compassion consistently given by C.A.C. is greatly appreciated. Thank you,

Stanley and Cynthia White

Companion Animal Clinic and Dr. Norm Smith are so important in my animals' life, it's hard to find the right words to describe how I feel about all of you!

Dr. Norm Smith is simply the best. He has been taking care of my many animals for the last twenty years. I couldn't imagine having to take them somewhere else. Dr. Norm cares as much about my animals' well being as I do. He shares my joy at a new puppy, kitty, or horse; takes great care of them, and his compassion and understanding helps so much when it is time to say goodbye. When my horse Crystal was sick, he came out four times in one day, the last time at two in the morning, despite his busy schedule at the clinic.

He has helped and saved so many of my animals; there are no words to describe how thankful I am to him, and his staff. Everyone at Companion Animal Clinic is great. Dr. Seoud is a wonderful addition. Thank you all so much!

Barbara and family