Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does the rattlesnake vaccine cover the Green Mojave rattlesnake?

A: Although the manufacturer makes no claim for protection against Green Mojave bites, clinical experience has shown that there may be some limited protection imparted by the vaccine to that particular rattlesnake.

Q: How many vaccines does my puppy/kitten need?

A: Every puppy or kitten needs one vaccine every three to four weeks, starting at 6 - 8 weeks old, until they are at least 16 weeks old. If your dog or cat is over 4 months old and has never been vaccinated, he will need one vaccine and then a booster 3 - 4 weeks later.

Q: Is it okay to vaccinate my puppy/kitten at home?

A: We recommend that all vaccinations be done by a veterinarian. About 50% of the parvo cases seen at our hospital have been vaccinated by someone other than a veterinarian.

Q: If I have a prescription, can I continue getting refills without bringing my pet in?

A: Every prescription refill is up to the discretion of the prescribing doctor. When a doctor prescribes a medication, he is legally responsible for that prescription. Some medications need follow up exams and/or bloodwork. Our staff will inform you of the specific protocol recommended for your medication. Our general policy is that to continue receiving medication, a pet must at minimum, have been examined by the doctor within one year.

Q: How often should psyllium be used on my horse?

A: We recommend psyllium as a sand preventative to be used on every horse in the High Desert. For a full size horse (app. 1000 pounds) the recommended dosage is 1 cup of psyllium per day for 7 days each month. (It is easiest to remember if psyllium is always given for the first week of every month.)